Come Fly With Me

And so our journey takes flight!

As to where we are headed or what the absolute goal of this journey is, well that remains to be seen. Basically, I just want to have a swinging time and enjoy a few laughs and Frank-Sinatra-frank-sinatra-254205_277_391[1]spread the cheer. And so, without further ado, a story.

There was once…me. I was participating in the play Guys and Dolls. (Which I am sure you’ve all heard of, because it’s quite common. But nevertheless amazing.) There are a few moments during this show that really stick out in my memory. Or, even more so, are ingrained in my memory forever. Moments when I got a sort of glimpse of everything that I was missing.

A moment when my coach was explaining, “There is a song in the movie that actually isn’t in the play. But they put it in especially for him. Which they can do because, well, he’s Frank Sinatra.” Another moment, arriving early for a night of the show, and dancing on the stage with my friends to his music. A moment beneath the spotlights with an empty house, just dancing away. Pure magic. And then the first time that I sat down and really listened to Frank’s voice. I mean consciously and really listened. Man, I got chills.

It was that moment that the crack in the door opened to full swing, and I realized that I had to step through. In other words, I knew my life was pretty much destined to change at that moment. Dramatic, well, yes. If there’s one thing you’ll learn about me its that I’m a little dramatic, just a little, yes. But you should learn that right now.

And so, my world changed. And after quite the journey of my own, here I sit, writing my first post on my new blog about The Voice. And I bid you a hearty welcome, and implore you to return often. This promises to be a great place indeed. So, please, Come Fly With Me. Let’s fly. Let’s fly away.


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