The Tender Trap

Drum roll please! For it is, in fact, an occasion most fit for the drum roll.

It is Thursday! And, in the good ole apartment, that means it is nothing other than…Frank Thursday! The day when my roommates humor me and sit around our t.v and a2b1cc4913cde3ea526fadb4041cb135watch what we all call a “Frank movie”. Generally, I don’t know what we’ll be watching until I go through my Frank movie library. Which is, I’ll just say it now, quite large. So, we’ll make this a tradition! I’ll tell you what movies we watch and the general reception, because I’m slightly biased and love them all. But, being that we usually watch them later in the evening, we’ll have to change things a bit and I’ll tell you about the previous week. So!

Last Thursday my roommate (whom we’ll dub Shay) and I watched “The Tender Trap.” (1955) My biased opinion aside, my roommate thought it was quite good. Frank’s character, Charlie, has a little bit of a commitment problem… Okay, a lot of a commitment problem. But everything ends well, if you’ll permit me to spoil things a bit. More so than that, the theme song that goes with it, that is The Tender Trap, is a very well known song sung by Frank and one of my favorites.

So, the summary. Frank’s character is a talent agent in New York City and is very popular among the ladies (surprise, surprise, wink, wink). But when the character of Julie enters the scene, a young and talented actress who has quite interesting life plans which revolve solely on marriage (she even has a deadline!), things suddenly turn upside down for both the bachelor and the bachelorette, both who are under those titles for very different reasons.

Watch it, love it, and let me know what you thought! Stick around, there’s much, much more Frank to come and believe me, once you really get it you won’t want to leave. “It’s too late now there’s no getting out, you fell in love and love is the tender trap!”


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