They Can’t Take That Away From Me

Commemorative stamp issued on May 13, 2008
Commemorative stamp issued on May 13, 2008

I would like to begin this post with a statement completely unrelated to what the post is going to be about. Here on Singing About Sinatra I like to name my posts after Frank’s songs, as you probably already noticed. However, that is actually a lot harder than you’d think. So, there’s that.

Anyway, it is officially less than one month until Frank Sinatra Day! Oh, goodness, I can barely contain my excitement! And no, I did not make this up. You can look it up and everything if you so desire. I’ll give you the history of it, which is pretty concise and to the point.

On May 13, 2008, one day before the 10th anniversary of Frank’s death, the United States Congress declared it Frank Sinatra Day in honor of his humanitarian efforts (which were many) and his large role in shaping American culture. He was also pictured on a 42¢ U.S.A commemorative stamp issued on the same day.

So, besides Frank’s birthday (which is on December 12) May 13 is a very, very important day in the life of this bobby soxer. I do celebrate it and it is so great. Like any other holiday that we find ourselves observing, for me it is a day to look forward to and make memories of. It’s something that you get to celebrate and have fun with no matter what anybody says or thinks because it makes you happy, and nobody can take that from you. I’ve officially begun the countdown, as you see to the right. As the day gets closer I’ll start posting different trivia about Frank and his life much more systematically. This way we can all look forward to it together and it’ll be a swinging time!



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