Luck Be A Lady

Well, Thursday is here again! And Happy Frank Thursday to all of you!

fef000ee475bd5c619db8ebcf3a380b9Things have been particularly crazy this last week in the life of this bobby soxer, however I am here and I’ve got a wonderful movie to tell you about. Last week my roommates and I watched Guys and Dolls (1955). It is an absolutely amazing musical set in New York City. (As a side note, I just realized that all of the movies I keep telling you about are all musicals. I assure you, though, that Frank was not only in musicals and I do not, in fact, only watch them. Just saying.)

Frank plays Nathan Detroit, a notorious gambler who runs a floating crap game. When he cannot find a place to hold the game except for for a very steep price, and with so many big gamblers in town, he places a bet with a friend Sky Masterson, played by Marlon Brando. He bets Sky the sum of money that he won’t be able to take a girl of Nathan’s choosing to Havana for dinner. Well, of course all sorts of hilarity ensues as people promise to get married and gamble in sewers and it is complete with a whole host of amazing musical numbers. Including the number, Luck Be A Lady, which was actually sung by Brando in the film but Frank later recorded.


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