Cradle Song

According to the countdown, there are now only 15 more days until Frank Sinatra Day! I am absolutely beyond excited, really, I can’t even tell you! And as promised, now that we’re closer to it I will begin posting different Frank facts to go along with the countdown. Since there are 15 days left, we’ll roll with the number 15.

Frank's baby picture.
Frank’s baby picture.

Frank was born in 1915 on December 12. He was born at his parent’s small home in Hoboken, New Jersey and weighed an unbelievable 13 pounds. Because he was so large, he had to be removed with forceps, which caused his ear to almost be cut off, a punctured eardrum, and a deep gash from the left corner of his mouth down to his chin. (The scar from this is visible in some of his pictures.) However, he was not breathing and it was believed by the midwife that he was dead. He was therefore set on a table while the midwife turned her attention to Frank’s mother Dolly who was in danger of death. It was actually Frank’s aunt who realized that he was alive and saved him.

Every single time I think about this story I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for Frank’s aunt. She was clearly amazing. And so began the life of The Voice!

Frank at the age of 8.
Frank at the age of 8.

I would venture to say that Frank had a good childhood, even growing up as the child of Italian immigrants and the prejudices that brought. As the only child of his parents,  however, he was admittedly a little spoiled. It is clear, though, that even as a child Frank always knew who he was and what he wanted. He didn’t decide that he wanted to become a singer until his teenage years, but that is part of a future post. But just take a look at the picture to the right. It is absolutely clear that even at the age of 8, Frank was who he was. The more I learn about him, the clearer it is that even from that moment on December 12, 1915 when he entered the world, Frank Sinatra was meant to be something.


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