It Was A Very Good Year

One week, everyone! Yes, yes! 7 more days until the magical day! And as such, today we continue our narrative of Frank’s life.

ed77214e0ef0f6d175177ea9ddb462a1Yesterday we visited the 1970’s and Frank’s marriage to Barbara Marx. We talked about their travels and the people the met, how the entire world was before them. The 1980’s are interesting in Frank’s life because they were very much the same as the 1970’s were. Frank was in his late sixties and early seventies in the 1980’s, but that didn’t stop him from being who he was. When listening to his music, you can definitely tell when it was recorded in his life, whether he was younger or older. But that doesn’t change the voice itself. It is always Frank.

Frank’s life may have been winding down a little bit in the 1980’s, especially as they got closer to the 90’s, but that never changed his popularity or who he was. Because, of course, when you’re Frank Sinatra that doesn’t really happen. He had reached an age where he was still working but he was a living legend. He’d reached a point where he could look back and think of his life, as the song says, as vintage wine from fine old kegs. 1980 was when he recorded and released the theme fromĀ New York, New York and it became a signature almost immediately. It had definitely been a very good year. And things were far from over for him at this point. He was still touring and traveling and Barbara was still at his side. It seemed that the best was yet to come.


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