Why Should I Cry Over You

It’s actually going to happen everyone! Oh, my goodness, it isn’t just a joke! Frank Sinatra Day is only 2 days away! A mere 2 days until one of the greatest days of the whole year! (A few of the others being Frank’s birthday and Christmas, of course.) And with that, we’ve got good things going on with our countdown today.

The last two days we’ve been doing 4 Reasons Frank Sinatra Has Influenced Your Life. Just to do a quick recap, our first two reasons were: Frank redefined fame, Frank redefined music. Today, we’ll continue with another thing that Frank redefined and in doing so, changed the world you live in.

Frank and Dean Martin playing around on the set of a movie.
Frank and Dean Martin playing around on the set of a movie.

Reason #3: Frank redefined originality.

If there is one thing you can say about Frank, it’s that he was an original. From the get go he was never afraid to be exactly who he was. In a world where one wrong word could send your career down the drain, that was some risky business. The world was a different place then, and today’s whole gag of “being yourself” wasn’t necessarily shared back then, especially for those in the limelight. If you wanted to keep your career and keep the public’s favor, it was best to play it all cool. That’s why many stars declared themselves politically neutral at the time.

But Frank never pretended to be anything other than what he was. If somebody didn’t agree with the way that he was, it didn’t really bother him.  His career was destined to be a lifelong one, and as far as he was concerned he may as well be himself from the beginning. In fact, that was the whole purpose of the Rat Pack, though Frank was doing it long before the formation of that group. When Humphrey Bogart began the Rat Pack, he told Frank that it’s purpose was for them to be who they were and not care what others thought about it.

For Frank, life was always about living. About enjoying everything to the fullest and making the best of memories. And one couldn’t do that if one was pretending to be something they weren’t. After Frank’s originality breath through, it seemed that the people in Hollywood and around the world weren’t as scared to be who they were anymore. After all, we all have to live life, so we might as well be ourselves while doing it.


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