All Or Nothing At All

Frank SinatraHappy Sinatra Centennial!!!

This is it!! Happy 100th birthday to Francis Albert Sinatra, the man who changed the world and loved life doing it. The man who has taught so many people so much about what it means to live. I couldn’t be happier or more excited, I’m sure. With a post like this, there isn’t really very much that you can say, honestly. It’s too big. There’s so much to say that I find myself unable to say anything. But if there’s one thing I’ll say, it’s that it may be 100 years now, but he’s still as amazing as he ever was. Only Frank could do that. So, take a moment and feel that magnitude. Oh, and:

Happy Birthday, Frank. And thank you for it all.


I’ll Be Home For Christmas

adb0ede4c871c64da01e89dcf2425290Happy, happy December! I hope that each and every one of you have an absolutely amazing Christmas season this year. I wish that I could do a wonderful countdown and everything like we did for Frank Sinatra Day, but it is not meant to be, I suppose. So, that being the case, please don’t forget to celebrate on December 12!

This month is happy 99th birthday to wonderful, amazing, spectacular Frank. I won’t be able to celebrate, so when the 12th roles around, please do so!

Happy Birthday, Frank!!!!!

And Merry Christmas!!!