The Christmas Waltz

Frosted window panes. Candles gleaming inside. Painted candy canes on the tree. Santa’s on his way. He’s filled his sleigh with things. Things for you and for me. It’s that time of year, when the world falls in love. Every song you hear, seems to say: Merry Christmas, may your New Year dreams come true. And this song of mine, in three quarter time, wishes you and yours the same thing, too. 

And a very Merry Christmas to all of you! May it be a time of joy and peace, of harmony and love. What a pleasure it is for me to share this joy with you on Singing About Sinatra. May your holiday be one of Frank’s Christmas album and family tradition.

The Christmas Waltz is one of my favorite Christmas songs, and of course who could sing it better? It brings such a wonderful feeling of peace into my heart to listen to this song and to hear Frank sing these lyrics. May you take them into your heart and enjoy your season to the fullest.

Merry Christmas.

At Least A Little In Love

smileThis week is it, everyone. The Sinatra Centennial is officially two days away. This is a time that I’ve been waiting for for years.

And as the big day draws nearer, it’s caused me to think a lot. I’ve always thought that this week would be marked by lots of celebration and it would be a big day. I mean, it’s the Sinatra Centennial!! This day is huge in the world of Frank’s fans.

But, interestingly enough, it hasn’t been anything like I thought it would be.

On the way home from work tonight I listened to Frank. It was wonderful! The thing is, I love Frank Sinatra. I’m a huge Frank Sinatra fan and always will be. But I don’t have to have a party all week this week to prove it or to celebrate it.

There have been concerts, album re-releases, new merchandise, and the suit and hat.jpglist goes on and on and on. And it has been amazing! In the Frank Sinatra world, 2015 has been absolutely great. And this Saturday, December 12, 2015, it will be Frank’s 100th birthday.

I guess you could say, that though I may not have been the best deliverer on this blog, that I’ve still been celebrating. And I hope that all of you have to.

I guess you could say that, looking back on this Centennial year, we’re all at least a little in love.

All The Way

frankI’ll never forget the moment that I saw my very first Frank Sinatra record.

I was in Birmingham, Alabama, at the National Speech and Debate competition with my coach and two team members. We’d just gotten breakfast in this great little restaurant in Birmingham and saw an old record shop near where we’d parked. Naturally, there was no choice but to go inside.

It was up a narrow flight of wooden stairs, located in a tiny little room stuffed to the roof with records. Old movie posters covered the walls, tables and tables were filled with every record imaginable. The floor was covered in a thin carpet. Morning sunlight streamed through the windows and the air, of course, smelled slightly damp in the summer humidity. The shop had an old smell, and of course some music was playing from the corner.

I found the Frank records as soon as I possibly could, and purchased three, along with a Dean Martin record. For the rest of the trip in Birmingham they were my precious little find. I wrapped them carefully in my suitcase and prayed they would be safe on the trip back across the country.

And even more than that moment of finding the records in Birmingham, a moment where the sunlight streaming through the windows reflected off of the records like they were gold, is the moment when I got home and turned one on.

The very first song that I ever heard Frank Sinatra sing on a record player was “All the Way.”

I’d listened to Frank nonstop for years, but I’d never heard him on an actual record player until that very moment. My mom placed the needle on the record, and sound came out of the record player as if by magic. And then, in that really close yet somehow faraway and incredibly clear sound that a record player makes, he began singing.

“When somebody loves you, it’s no good unless he loves you all the way…taller than the tallest tree is, that’s how it’s got tofrankie feel. Deeper than the deep blue sea is, that’s how deep it goes if it’s real.”

I couldn’t help myself. I put my head in my hands and started crying. It’s been a while since I posted anything about Frank Sinatra, but most of you know that I’m a pretty big admirer of his. And when I heard that sound for the first time, it just got to me in a way I hadn’t expected.

Tonight I’m thinking about that experience, about how it felt. And it makes me grateful for beautiful things, and precious moments. For special things that tug at your heart and make you feel that deeply.

“Who knows where the road will lead us

Only a fool would say

But if you let me love you

It’s for sure I’m gonna love you, all the way…”

Say It

“Whatever else has been said about me personally is unimportant. When I sing, I believe. I’m honest.” It is one of my all time favorite Frank Sinatra quotes. I like it because of what it says about character, confidence, and honesty.

frankAs with any megastar, much of Frank’s life was an open book. You’ll find no shortage of books about him, and opinions of what everybody thinks he was “really” like. Well, as much as I’d like to say otherwise, I didn’t know Frank either. I decided early on that because of that, I would rely on what he said about himself and what those that were closest to him said about him. I think that’s the best way to try and understand it all.

It was when I stumbled upon this quote that my research into Frank really opened up. It makes perfect sense. Frank’s story lies in his music, in his truest way of expressing himself. When he sang, he believed. It was when he was the most honest. Who was Frank Sinatra? Who was the person behind The Voice? To find out, all you have to do is listen.

Taking A Chance On Love

There are lots of risks involved with living. I’ve come to realize, the older I get, how complex we as human beings are. Everything abFrank Sinatra.out the way we live is a risk. If you start thinking about life this way, we sound like a bunch of crazy people just throwing ourselves in the path of emotional or physical destruction daily. Well, today I wanted to talk about a risk in my life.

Whether you think of it this way or not, this blog was a huge risk for me. I started this blog for one reason, and one reason only. I did not start this blog for recognition of any kind or to start debates on controversial issues or any of a million other things. I started this blog because I love Frank Sinatra.

I love his music, his movies. I love reading about him. I love how studying about his life has taught me a lot about life. I love how his music turns a bad day into a great one instantly. I love how, no matter what, Frank Sinatra is timeless and wonderful. Whether you are a fan of his or not, you simply cannot argue with his success or his impact. I mean…it’s Frank Sinatra.

But nevertheless, there was a lot of risk involved. I was throwing myself out there with something I’m very passionate about, and as we all know that can go downhill very quickly. But I decided that none of that mattered. That this is something that makes me happy, and sharing it would also make me happy, even if it was only with one person.

When I first started this blog, the amount of followers I received started to really, really matter to me. I mean, come on! I lyricscan’t be the only one left on this earth who loves Frank. But the more that I have written this blog and thought about it, I’ve been reminded of the reason I started all of this to begin with. I started this blog because I love Frank Sinatra, not because I was trying to prove something or gain validation. Because there is absolutely zero validation needed.

With the Sinatra Centennial this year, I’ve been doing a more than usual amount of thinking about Frank and about this blog of mine. As a self proclaimed bobbysoxer, I feel obligated to make this year one of amazing celebrations. I don’t know how it will turn out, to be honest with you. But what I do know is that no matter what happens here on Singing About Sinatra, I am so incredibly glad for this risk I have taken.

Here I go again
I hear those trumpets blow again
All aglow again
Taking a chance on love…

Come Back To Sorrento

Hello, From the Bobbysoxer!

As I’ve contemplated a way to write this post, many things have come into my mind. One of the things that I’ve often thought is that you may not believe that it’s actually me over here! You have, in fact, been getting not so consistent automated posts for about a year. I’m really sorry about that by the way. But it is true, it is me, I am back!

Frank and I welcome you back on board!
Frank and I welcome you back on board!

Well, it is an interesting turn my life has taken. I have returned home from serving my mission 6 months early due to some health reasons. I have not been home very long, but have also been a little bit hesitant to get back into the blogging scene. Partly because I think that I’ve been away from it longer than I was ever in it! But, I’m here, and it’s good to be with all of you again. As I’ve thought about it, I think I will allow the posts that are set to be published at the first of each month continue to be published. I was reading over them the other day and I actually really like them. So we’ll keep that going.

I have to say, coming home from serving a mission has been quite the experience! Mostly because my life was 100% gospel every day, and now I’m transitioning back into normal life. But, wow! It was a truly incredible experience, one that I don’t regret one second of and will be eternally grateful for. It is unbelievable to me how much the experience truly changed me, many things about me, but into simply a better person overall than I was. Serving others and teaching them about Jesus Christ gave me such a different perspective of life. It gave me such an appreciation for all I have been blessed with, and it filled me with a greater desire to help make the world a better place.

As of right now, I’ve no master plan on how I think I might do that. But I do want to take it on wholeheartedly, and swan dive into a life that God wants me to live and a life that will bless the lives of those around me. I want to create and inspire and spread peace and joy in any way that I can.

And what about you? What has happened in everybody’s lives this past year? I hope good things! I will also say this: it is so, so fabulous to be back on Singing About Sinatra to celebrate with y’all! As this year is the absolutely magnificent Sinatra Centennial, we’ve a lot to catch up on!

I’m Going To Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter

And here it is! The very first while I’m away post! And I’ll have you know that I’ve just experienced divine intervention. I was on my way to go and choose which song title to use as the title of this post, and then this song just started playing on my computer. So, this is completely meant to be! And it really fits quite well, actually. At this point, July 1 in case you didn’t know what day it was, I’ve been on my mission for a whopping 7 days. A whole week. I mean, I’m practically a seasoned veteran, really.

ca95dfd7a6dc30d1c1f5385b6150437dYou know, Frank traveled a lot. (Understatement of the…duration of time.) He did a lot of things, he saw a lot of things. He reached heights that nobody would’ve ever expected him to reach. And through it all, he did it because that is what he believed in. He never let anything stop him. He did things because he knew that he could. One of his most famous quotes reads, “The big lesson in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything.”

As I’ve been going about this pre-mission journey of mine, I’ve thought about that mentality a lot. I’ve thought about this great and life changing decision I’ve made, this adventure that is going to be absolutely wonderful and probably harder than anything I’ve ever done. There have been so many times when I was out of my mind scared, but you know, as I sit here listening to (now) the theme from New York, New York, I’m not scared anymore. This is what I know I’m supposed to be doing, and it’s going to be wonderful. I’m going to do it because it’s what I believe in, and nothing is going to stop me.

Just another lesson that Frank has taught me. I hope you can take it into your life as well.

The Tender Trap

Drum roll please! For it is, in fact, an occasion most fit for the drum roll.

It is Thursday! And, in the good ole apartment, that means it is nothing other than…Frank Thursday! The day when my roommates humor me and sit around our t.v and a2b1cc4913cde3ea526fadb4041cb135watch what we all call a “Frank movie”. Generally, I don’t know what we’ll be watching until I go through my Frank movie library. Which is, I’ll just say it now, quite large. So, we’ll make this a tradition! I’ll tell you what movies we watch and the general reception, because I’m slightly biased and love them all. But, being that we usually watch them later in the evening, we’ll have to change things a bit and I’ll tell you about the previous week. So!

Last Thursday my roommate (whom we’ll dub Shay) and I watched “The Tender Trap.” (1955) My biased opinion aside, my roommate thought it was quite good. Frank’s character, Charlie, has a little bit of a commitment problem… Okay, a lot of a commitment problem. But everything ends well, if you’ll permit me to spoil things a bit. More so than that, the theme song that goes with it, that is The Tender Trap, is a very well known song sung by Frank and one of my favorites.

So, the summary. Frank’s character is a talent agent in New York City and is very popular among the ladies (surprise, surprise, wink, wink). But when the character of Julie enters the scene, a young and talented actress who has quite interesting life plans which revolve solely on marriage (she even has a deadline!), things suddenly turn upside down for both the bachelor and the bachelorette, both who are under those titles for very different reasons.

Watch it, love it, and let me know what you thought! Stick around, there’s much, much more Frank to come and believe me, once you really get it you won’t want to leave. “It’s too late now there’s no getting out, you fell in love and love is the tender trap!”

Come Fly With Me

And so our journey takes flight!

As to where we are headed or what the absolute goal of this journey is, well that remains to be seen. Basically, I just want to have a swinging time and enjoy a few laughs and Frank-Sinatra-frank-sinatra-254205_277_391[1]spread the cheer. And so, without further ado, a story.

There was once…me. I was participating in the play Guys and Dolls. (Which I am sure you’ve all heard of, because it’s quite common. But nevertheless amazing.) There are a few moments during this show that really stick out in my memory. Or, even more so, are ingrained in my memory forever. Moments when I got a sort of glimpse of everything that I was missing.

A moment when my coach was explaining, “There is a song in the movie that actually isn’t in the play. But they put it in especially for him. Which they can do because, well, he’s Frank Sinatra.” Another moment, arriving early for a night of the show, and dancing on the stage with my friends to his music. A moment beneath the spotlights with an empty house, just dancing away. Pure magic. And then the first time that I sat down and really listened to Frank’s voice. I mean consciously and really listened. Man, I got chills.

It was that moment that the crack in the door opened to full swing, and I realized that I had to step through. In other words, I knew my life was pretty much destined to change at that moment. Dramatic, well, yes. If there’s one thing you’ll learn about me its that I’m a little dramatic, just a little, yes. But you should learn that right now.

And so, my world changed. And after quite the journey of my own, here I sit, writing my first post on my new blog about The Voice. And I bid you a hearty welcome, and implore you to return often. This promises to be a great place indeed. So, please, Come Fly With Me. Let’s fly. Let’s fly away.